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Step by Step

1. Wash hair with L'abrea Shampoo twice. Leave the second wash on the hair for few minutes, then rinse thoroughly & towel dry.


2Pour 35 - 50 ml of Keratin treatment in your application instrument. (You can use application bottle or tint bowl and brush). Apply the keratin treatment over the basin in thick sections of the hair and comb through. Make sure all the hair is covered with the product. You can apply L'Abrea directly from the scalp.

Please look at this video for direction:


3. Clip the hair up if you need and plastic wrap the hair (optional).


4. Leave it for 45-55 minutes depending on the hair thickness and condition of the hair.


5. Rinse The hair  and then blow-dry the hair . 


6. Adjust the temperature of a straightening flat iron according to the below Straightening Iron Temperature Table. Straighten small sections of hair 3-5 times with the L'Abrea Iron, or 7-12 times with other Irons (For best result we highly recommend to use L'Abrea Iron). Iron every section, it is important to hold the iron close to the root of the hair for 5 seconds before sliding through the full length of each hair section.


7. If your client has fine hair and wants to keep volume in their hair, avoid holding the Iron for 5 seconds at the root. (You can finish the service here and ask the client to wash her hair after 24 hours with L'Abrea aftercare shampoo, conditioner or follow as bellow).


8Allow hair to cool down after straightening.


9. Rinse thoroughly.

10Apply the L'Abrea Deep Repairing Mask and leave in for 3-5 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly. Blast dry the hair as normal.




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