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A salon treatment takes 2 ½ hours and the hair will be ready-to-wear immediately.


Keratin Treatment

L’Abrea Smoothing System works by penetrating the hair cuticles with the highest quality natural ingredients, improving the strength and condition of the hair, making it more manageable to style.

The new L'Abrea formula has:

95% natural ingredients like jajoba and coconut oil to reinforce the internal hair structure

Vegan Certified 

Is Formaldehyde and Ammonia free

Treatment time is 2.5 hours and ready to wear


You can achieve different results by using shorter or longer application time with the opportunity to achieve up to 90% straightening results. There is no leave in time and you are able to wash and colour the hair on the same day and use bleach after 2 days. Because of the noursihing ingredients you can apply L'Abrea on chemically treated hair to combat dryness and improve the condition of the hair.


Sizes: Keratin and Shampoo available in 1L for salons or 125ml from the 'At home range.'

500ml L'Abrea mask is sold apart of the kit and required after Keratin application. 



After working closely with the best factories producing top Irons in the market, like Claud9, L’Abrea proudly achieved this unique accessory containing a temperature control panel that is perfect for keratin treatment.
With this amazing Iron, you only need to iron each section 1 or 2 times during the keratin treatment. The reason is, L’Abrea Iron keeps the temperature even, reinforcing the treatment inside the hair with micro vibrations.
The plates on the L’Abrea Iron are extremely smooth and you can slide them effortlessly over the hair.
The cord is 3m long, so you can move around you customer's chair easily.




L'Abrea's shampoo has deep moisturizing therapy to maintain the effects of the treatment and considered a leading choice for salons.

You will see easily how amazing the hair looks and feels after as the shampoo acts like a treatment by itself. Not only it is a must to use on your keratin treatment but perfet for special occasions or brides before styling their hair.

The combination of this shampoo and the L’Abrea Mask gives you the best deep repair effect you could wish for.



Deep Repair Treatment

The combination of L’Abrea Moisturising Shampoo and Deep Repair Mask can give you the best nourishing, deep repair treatment you can ever wish for.

You can try this for any hair type and hair color.




A very rich mask for deep repair that reatins shine and colour. 

It contains many hydrating ingredients which helps hair to feel fresh and nourished again.

Every customer feels completely satisfied after using this amazing mask.


Sizes: 150ml and 500ml



After Care

Sulfate free, using high quality ingredients, this after care designed to give the clients total satisfaction.

It comes in beautiful packaging as well, so it sits looking great in any bathroom and also it is perfect for a gift.

Not only clients after L’Abrea keratin treatment recommended using this after care to maintain their result for longer, but also it is highly recommended for color and bleached hair.

This after care been produced in 500ml shampoo and 500ml conditioner, so it can last a costumer around 4 months; exactly as much as they need to book their appointment for their next L’Abrea keratin treatment.