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Gold Package for Salon Owners

  • Do you want to introduce keratin treatment to your salon?

  • Are you not sure about which keratin products you should use?

  • Do you find having keratin service in your salon not profitable?

  • Do you have health concern about Formaldehyde and Carbon Cyctain?

Well if you have answered YES to these questions. L'Abrea keratin is an answer to all your needs.

With L'Abrea keratin:​

  • You will make more money!

  • You will reduce treatment time compartive to other Keratin treatments!

  • You are providing a safe product for your customers and staff.

Why and How:

L'Abrea keratin treatment will cost you average $23 per client.

It takes in average 1.5 hours to finish keratin treatment with a 30-40 min waiting period in the middle, so your stylist can assist other clients.

L'Abrea Keratin takes Less time and TIME IS MONEY!

Watch how easy it is to do an application!

So if you do your maths:

1.5 Hours x $25 (stylist)=$37.5 is the cost of your staff for every client to do a keratin treatment and if you add that to $23 approximately  of products it will come to $60.50 (this is your total cost price for a keratin service).

Plus L'Abrea aftercare products $120 will pay for the cost of the service.

Most Salons that use L'Abrea Keratin Treatment charge between $220-$400 per service.

Many of our clients are making close to 100% profit on their services!

No other salon product comes close!

L'Abrea is formaldehyde free. It has been tested liquid and gas form. There is absolutely no Formaldehyde in L'Abrea keratin. It is also Ammonia and carbon Cyctain free. L'Abrea keratin is Vegan.

There is more than 100% margin for salons to sell L'Abrea after care in their salons.

L'Abrea Keratin Kit deal (for first time only client)

Small kit

+ 2x150ml mask

+2 aftercare


$159 value    $219

 Gives you 2-3 clients for keratin service and 2 full after care for your clients to buy. You will make your money already back by selling only the after care.  So any money you make with 2-3 services are your profits.

*Please notice GST are not included the prices.

Gold Package

Platinum Package

Big kit+500ml mask

+3 aftercare


$520 value $662

*Please notice GST are not included the prices.

Diamond Package 

Big kit+500ml mask

+10 aftercare


$699 value $906

*Please notice GST are not included the prices.

For more info call 0404 899 941

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